In the past 200 years, human life span has doubled from 39 to 78 years.



Science continues to break ground, and some children born in this millennium, will be able to live 150 years, in perfect health.

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In less than 15 years, our company will be in a position to extend your life, and the lives of your children at our clinics and labs in Latin America and Europe. We will also be in a position to cure illnesses, which traditional medicine has not.



In June of 2019, we will be launching the only affordable program in the world, which will allow the average person or family, to receive life extension treatments when the technologies become available.

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Sure I want immortality, if I could get it
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I don’t care how many years I live, I just want to avoid major illness
I’ll do anything for a long life, even if it means becoming part robot
I’m willing to try experimental treatments right now
I would try experimental treatments once they show results
I would welcome only procedures that appear natural and are safe
I’m against it. Only God decides when we die

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Our program is for the middle class families and individuals; but if you are wealthy and would like to make a real impact on Life Extension, please contact us for more information.


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